How to See the Ports That Are Blocked on a Router

You can block or allow specific services through ports using your router’s management tool. Viewing a list of ports that are blocked on the router involves logging in to the device’s administrative interface and examining the firewall rules, port forwarding rules and filters configured on the router. Each router manufacturer’s management tool is different, so the procedure for viewing a list of all blocked ports varies significantly between router interfaces.


  • For Netgear routers, identify the firewall rules that include the word “Blocked” in the Action column. To access the firewall rules, log in to the router management tool and click “Firewall Rules” in the left navigation menu. Record each firewall rule that defines a blocked action, and note the name of the service. Now, click “Services” to open the Services Table. Match each of the blocked firewall rule names with the service name. View the “Ports” column for each blocked service. The blocked ports are listed individually or defined by a range.


  • For Linksys routers, blocked ports are listed in the Filters configuration screen. Open the Linksys router management tool and click the “Advanced” option. Click “Filters” to view a list of blocked ports. Note that port ranges are allowed when defining a filter for a Linksys router, so be sure to factor in these ranges when identifying and recording all blocked ports.


  • The D-Link router interface presents perhaps the most centralized tool for viewing all port rules. Launch the router management tool and then click “Advanced.” Click “Port Forwarding” to see all firewall rules and filters. Note the ports listed in the Ports to Open column where “Block All” is selected in the Actions drop-down list. Individual ports or ranges may be defined on the D-Link router as well.


  • In the Belkin router interface, you can find blocked ports and port forwarding rules listed in the Virtual Servers screen. Click the “Virtual Servers” link in the left navigation panel under the Firewall category heading to view this screen.

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