How to Improve a Home Wireless Network With Access Points

Many people have a home wireless setup these days. That setup may consist of a single wireless router for the whole house. You may be able to improve your wireless coverage with additional access points. The following steps will explain how.

Things You’ll Need

Wire Internet connection to your house
Two or more wireless routers

If your house is large, you may need to experiment with the best placement for an additional access point. Obstructions such as walls, metal objects or distance from the floor can all make a difference in how well the wireless signal travels.

Buy an inexpensive wireless device. They can be had for as little as $30. For some models, the second wireless device needs to be set up in client mode.

Make sure the second access point is set to work within the IP settings of the main router, so they are both using the same network settings.

Some newer models of routers, the Linksys WAP54G, for example, include a new push button setup feature. On the Lynksys, you push the button on the Access Point and on your other SecureEasySetup-enabled wireless device to automatically create an encryption-secured wireless connection.

Tips & Warnings

Before you buy a second router, check to make sure it can be used either wirelessly with your first one or in client mode. Some must be plugged into the network with a cable.


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