How to Find Your Router’s IP on a Mac

Without a working connection to a router, your computer would be unable to send or receive Internet data. Computers send traffic that is destined for other networks to their local router, which then forwards it on to the correct destination. For this process to take place, the computer needs to know the correct IP address for the router. Apple’s Mac OS X operating system allows you to verify key network settings, including the local router’s IP address, through the System Preferences menu.

  •  Click on the “Apple” icon and select “System Preferences.” Click “Network” to bring up the OS X Network control panel.
  • Select your chosen network interface from the list. For example, if your computer is connected to your router over Ethernet, click the “Ethernet” icon. Open the interface’s properties menu by clicking the “Advanced” button.
  • Click on the “TCP/IP” tab. Your router’s IP address is displayed next to the “Router” label.

Tips & Warnings

  •  If your Mac shows the wrong IP address for your router, change it by selecting “Manually” from the Configure IPv4 menu on the TCP/IP tab. Click on the router address to edit it.

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