How to Connect Two Wireless Routers to Extend Coverage

Boosting the coverage of your wireless Internet coverage is easy if you have two wireless routers and two ethernet cords. The cords should be 30 feet or less. The wireless routers do not need to be the same brand but you must be able to log in as an administrator on both of them. Connecting two wireless routers is beneficial to anyone who wants to extend the range of their wireless network or would like to be able to plug into additional ethernet ports.

Things You’ll Need

Two wireless routers
Two Ethernet chords

Connect a second router to a functioning wireless network. If you do not already have a wireless network with one router set up, call your local Internet provider to install a modem. Connect your modem to your router’s WAN or Internet port with an Ethernet chord. Turn on both the modem and router.

Test your Internet connection on the current router connected to your modem, both wirelessly and by ethernet chord.

Log into your router as an administrator. Type in the IP address of your router on a web browser to view the administrator’s log in fields. Log in to access the router’s configuration utilities and record the SSID (Service Set Identifier). If you do not know your username and password, see your router’s manual to find the manufacturer’s default log-in information.

Turn off the router and modem. Connect an ethernet cable from the router’s WAN ethernet outlet to a numbered outlet on your second router. Turn on your second router and connect it to your computer.

Check the IP address and SSID on your second router and make sure that they are different from the SSID and IP address of the turned-off router. If the IP addresses are the same, they are probably both set to a common manufacturer’s default of If so, change the IP address to If the SSIDs are the same, change them in the router’s configuration utilities.

Connect the routers by first making sure that the modem is connected to the WAN Ethernet port on the first router. Connect the second router by connecting a second Ethernet chord from a numbered Ethernet port on the first router to the WAN port of the second router

If access to your wireless network is protected by a password, make sure that both routers are set to the same one. Test your new extended network coverage by checking your internet signal on your computer in different physical locations in your network. Visit websites you do not regularly access to make sure the internet is connected sufficiently and not relying on the browser’s memory.


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