Problems With the Netgear WNR1000 Signal

The Netgear WNR1000 is a wireless router designed with a stronger range and greater security than wireless-G router models. When you experience signal problems with a WNR1000, it is usually due to a problem with the router, the environment or your computer. By taking the time to identify the factors that are causing problems with the wireless signal, you can make adjustments on your own without time-consuming support calls.

Wireless Interference

Wireless interference from common household devices can inhibit the signal from your WNR1000. Radio frequencies from microwaves, fluorescent lights, game controllers, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and cellphones can cause the Wi-Fi signal to drop out periodically. Netgear recommends that you place the router at least 6 feet from potentially problematic devices. If you still experience problems, change the channel on the router until you find one that is less crowded.

Router Position

In comparison to the other wireless-N routers offered by Netgear, the WNR1000 has the lowest range. The actual range of the signal varies greatly depending on the environment of your home or office. For the strongest, most stable signal, place the router as close to your computer as possible. Choose a central location that is away from the floor or wall, and be aware of things that inhibit the signal: concrete, brick walls and metal objects like refrigerators all weaken the signal.

User Activity

The WNR1000 is one of Netgear’s lower-level wireless-N routers. It can support speeds of up to 150 megabytes per second, but Netgear cautions that it is not designed to handle online gaming or simultaneous downloads. If there are too many users on your wireless network or if users are downloading large files, you may experience signal problems that compromise speed and stability. For best performance, limit the number of people online at once, keeping in mind other devices that use Wi-Fi, like cellphones and gaming systems.


The WNR1000 requires the latest firmware updates to function properly. With older versions, the router may not be able to communicate effectively with your computer. Netgear advises that users update firmware regularly. The latest versions are available for download on the Netgear WNR1000 product page. You must log in to your router management screen and follow the firmware update prompts to install the updates.


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