How to Troubleshoot Netgear WNA3100 Wi-Fi

The Netgear WNA3100 is a wireless USB adapter that enables a computer to connect to Wi-Fi hot spots. If the computer is unable to locate or connect to wireless networks when the WNA3100 is plugged in, update the device software and renew the Internet protocol (IP) address for the computer to troubleshoot the adapter. In some cases, the problem might not be the Wi-Fi adapter, but the router, so check the network hardware as well.

Connect the WNA3100 to a USB port on the computer itself; don’t connect the adapter to a USB hub.

Check to see if the device driver for the WNA3100 is installed to the computer. Click “Start.” Click “Run.”

Type “devmgmt.msc” and press “Enter” to open Device Manager. Expand “Network Adapters” to see if the Wi-Fi adapter is in the list. If not, insert the software CD into the disc drive and follow the on-screen prompts to install the WNA3100.

Check to see if a software upgrade is available. Go to “Start,” “All Programs” “Netgear WNA3100.” Open the WNA3100 software from the program folder.

Click “Check.” If a software ugrade is available for the WNA3100, click “OK” to download the latest software. Click “Yes” to install the application. Restart the computer if prompted.

Confirm the wireless router and modem are turned on and connected. Click “Start.” Click “Run.” Type “cmd” or “cmd.exe” and press “Enter.”

Type “ipconfig /release” and “ipconfig /renew” into Command Prompt. Press “Enter” after each command to obtain a new IP address.

Type “ipconfig,” then press “Enter,” and check the set of numbers next to “IPv4 Address” or “IP Address.” If the IP address shows up as “” or “169.254.X.X,” with “X” representing any set of numbers, restart the computer and restart the router.

Make sure the Netgear WNA3100 adapter is no more than 4 feet from the computer. If the computer still fails to connect to the Internet, troubleshoot the router.

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable into one of the numbered ports on the back of the router, then plug the other end into the computer’s Ethernet port. Restart the router. If the computer still fails to connect to the Internet, the problem may be related to the router or connection. If the computer connects to the Internet, the Wi-Fi adapter may need to be replaced.


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