How to Troubleshoot NETGEAR That Won’t Connect

Netgear wireless routers are not immune to the common problems found in wireless networking. A Netgear router that will not connect to wireless devices most likely needs nothing more than a few changes to its settings. Eliminating problems caused by signal interference and tweaking the settings of a Netgear router will create a reliable connection for any wireless device. To change the settings of a Netgear wireless router without the ability to connect to it wirelessly requires a standard Ethernet cable.

Things You’ll Need

  • Ethernet cable

Follow These Steps

  • Remove any objects between the router and wireless-enabled computer that may cause signal interference. Most household objects will not create a complete disruption of wireless signal, though some electronics, such as cordless phones, can. Cordless phones usually operate on the 2.4 Ghz bandwidth, which is the frequency used by the Netgear wireless router. Temporarily disconnect any cordless phones to rule out signal interference. Also verify that no large or solid metal objects such as refrigerators are sitting within 5 feet of the router.
  • Plug an Ethernet cable into the router, and plug the other end into a computer’s Ethernet port. Open an Internet browser and type the local IP address of the router into the URL bar of the browser. Log in to the settings menu of the Netgear router by entering the administrative username and password. The factory settings of the router have the login name as “admin” and password as “password.” The factory-set local IP address is “”
  • Click the tab labeled “wireless” in the router’s main settings menu. Choose the “Enable SSID broadcast” option and type in a name for the wireless broadcast. Go to the “Wireless Security” tab and select a security mode. A common mode is WAP and allows for shared passwords using letters and numbers. Create a password and click “Save” to save the new settings. Exit the browser and disconnect the Ethernet cable. Using the wireless-enabled computer, try to connect to the wireless network with the name that was just created. Open a website to test the connection.

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