How to Reset a Netgear Wireless Password

Netgear wireless routers require two passwords: a wireless network key to access your router’s Wi-Fi network and an administrator password to access and change your wireless settings. If you are able to log in to the router’s administration panel, you can change either password. If you are unable to log in, you can reset both passwords, along with all other router settings, using the Restore Factory Settings pinhole button on the router.

Factory Reset

The factory reset method should be used when you do not remember the administrator password for the router or when the router settings prevent you from accessing the administration panel.
Step 1: Turn On the Router

Plug the router into a power outlet. Wait for the power light to stop blinking and remain steady. This may take between 5 and 30 seconds, depending on the type of router.
Step 2: Press and Hold “Restore Factory Settings” Button

Locate the Restore Factory Settings button on the router. This is a small pinhole button on the bottom or back of the router. On most models, this button is circled by a red ring.

If the reset button is not labeled with a red circle, you can usually find it near the Ethernet and power ports. If you have difficulty finding it, check the user guide for your router supplied by Netgear.

Use a pen or the tip of a straightened paperclip to depress the Reset button until the power light starts to blink. This take 5 or 6 seconds.
Step 3: Release the Button

Release the Reset button when the power light begins blinking. Wait for the power light to remain steady. This can take between 30 and 90 seconds.

When the power light is solid, the router is restored to factory conditions. Both the administrator password and the wireless network key are now set to their default values.

On DGN2000 and DG834Gv5 routers, there is no Restore Factory Settings button. On these routers, perform a reset using the following procedure:
Hold down the Wifi On/Off and WPS buttons until the power light blinks red. This will take about 6 seconds.
Release both buttons simultaneously and wait for the lights on the router to return to normal.

Change Wireless Password

Step 1: Open the Administration Panel in a Browser

Access the router administration panel by entering your router’s IP address into the location bar of your Web browser. The IP address will be one of the following:, or Some Netgear routers can also be accessed by entering

With some older Netgear routers, you cannot log in to the admin panel when connected through Wi-Fi by default. If you have trouble using the Wi-Fi, connect an Ethernet cord between your router and computer.

Enter a username and password when prompted to do so. The username for all Negear routers is admin. The default password is usually password. On some routers, the default password is 1234 or the field may be left blank.
Step 2: Navigate to Wireless Settings

On routers with the Netgear Genie, select the Advanced tab near the top of the admin panel. From there, navigate to Setup and then Wireless Setup on the left menu.

On routers with the Netgear Smart Wizard, such as the WGR614, select Wireless Setup under the Setup heading on the left menu.
Step 3: Change the Wireless Password

Enter the desired wireless password in the textbox labeled either Passphrase, Password or Wireless Security Key. Click Apply to set the new password.

On many routers, you can find the default wireless network name and password written on the bottom of the router.

Change Administrator Password

Step 1: Open Administration Panel in a Browser

Use the router’s local IP address to access the admin panel. Enter the username and password when prompted.
Step 2: Navigate to Set Password

On routers using the Netgear Genie, select the Advanced tab at the top of the admin panel. Navigate to Administration and then Set Password on the left menu.

On routers using the Netgear Smart Wizard, select Set Password under the Maintenance heading on the left menu.
Step 3: Set New Administrator Password

Enter your current administrator password in the Old Password field. If you have never changed the password, this is the default admin password for the router. Enter the desired password in the Set Password field and confirm it in the Repeat New Password field.

Click Apply to set the new administrator password.


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