How to Keep My Wireless Internet Browsing Private From Other Neighboring Wireless Sources

Wireless networks are used in homes with laptops or with computers that are not physically close enough together to have hardwired connections. When you set up a wireless network, the service set identifier (SSID) is broadcast, so other users can view the available networks in the area. You can make the network private by applying a passkey on the wireless router, which blocks unauthorized users.

The passkey is required before others can connect, including neighbors or other people in the area of your home. Two common home routers include Linksys and Netgear, and both these manufacturers provide password protection.

Linksys Router

Open your Web browser and enter the IP address for your router in the navigation text box. The default address for a new Linksys is Enter your admin user name and password. New routers have a blank username, and the password is “admin.”

Click the “Wireless” link to open a window with your current settings. Select “WPA Personal” from the security drop-down box. This enables a new text box where you enter your passkey.

Enter a new passkey in the text box and click the “Save” button. Close the Web browser. The wireless network is now password-protected from unauthorized access.


Open a Web browser and enter the IP address for your router. The default IP address for new Netgear routers is also Enter the router’s username and password. The default admin user name is “admin” and the password value is “password.”

Click the “Wireless” link on the left side of the console window. This displays the current settings for your Netgear router.

Select “WPA Personal” in the “Security Options” drop-down box. In the text box enabled, enter your passkey for the router. Click the “Apply” button to save the settings.


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