How to Install a Netgear WNR 1000 Wireless Router

Netgear wireless routers give users the opportunity to connect to the Internet with your wireless-enabled device, such as a cell phone and computer with Wi-Fi capability. The Netgear WNR 1000 is designed ideally for home usage, which has a range of 100 feet at speeds of up to 150 Mbps (megabytes per second). So before you can begin surfing the internet, checking your email and more, you must install the wireless router.

Things You’ll Need

  • Ethernet cable
  • Coaxial cable

Follow These Steps

  • Connect the coaxial cable from your wall mount to the input on your Netgear router labelled “Coax.” Make sure you tighten the screws on the ends of the coaxial cable to stop the cable from disconnecting.
  • Plug the prong end of the power source to a wall outlet or surge protector unit while plugging the other end to the power connector input on your router.
  • Connect one end of yellow Ethernet cable to the Internet modem and the other end to the port on the router with the label “Internet.”
  • Power on your Netgear router by flipping the switch on the back of the router to the “On” position. On the front of the router, watch for the green power, internet and wireless lights. If you are connected to a LAN network via Ethernet, a flashing LAN light will appear as well. The lights should take approximately one to two minutes to appear, with the power light appearing first followed by the internet and wireless blinking lights.

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