How to Increase the Speed of Netgear Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is an invention that makes connecting a computer or laptop to the Internet convenient. It also allows more than one computer to be connected to the Internet at the same time, unlike the direct connections that only allow a single connection. The only problem with wireless Internet is that the speed can drop. The Netgear routers can connect several computers to the internet, but sometimes you need to make adjustments to boost the Internet speed.

Things You’ll Need

  • Upgrade kit
  • Wireless card

Follow These Steps

  • Check the wireless card in the computer. There are two types of wireless cards that PCs and laptops have. The wireless card can sometimes slow the Internet connection from a Netgear router. The G-series wireless cards have a faster connection than the B-series cards.
  • Look for interference. Netgear wireless Internet is sent through radio waves. Some Internet connections can run slow due to interference from devices like cell phones, IPods or other items that also use radio waves.
  • Test the wireless range. Netgear routers often have a specific maximum range, but sometimes the maximum range cannot be achieved due to interference or the location of the router. Testing the range can be done by looking for wireless dead-spots in the house or by using a Netgear utility and watching the colors change. The utility shows signal strength and range by colors: green means strong, yellow means weakening and red means no signal.
  • Buy an upgrade kit. Netgear routers are constantly improving. Older routers often have a slower connection speed than newer routers. A Netgear upgrade kit can improve the speed of the wireless Internet by upgrading the technology in an older router.
  • Purchase high-speed Internet. Netgear wireless Internet connection speeds can be hampered by having an Internet connection that is slow. High-speed Internet ensures that the wireless signal from the router is as fast as possible.

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