How to Enable Channel Bonding on NETGEAR

On any router, including a NETGEAR router, the channel bonding configuration in the router’s wireless settings provides a dedicated wireless channel for the router to use for the connection. Unless you experience interference with the preset channel configuration in the router settings, the default setting should not be changed. However, if you find that you need to change the channel bonding configuration, it may be done by logging into the NETGEAR administration page and editing the configuration.

Open a web browser, and type the IP address for the NETGEAR router administration page. This IP address for NETGEAR routers is normally Most NETGEAR routers also use the URL for accessing the administration page.

Type the router administrator user ID and password, and click “OK.” Check your manual for the default administrator user ID and password for your router.

Click the “Wireless Settings” option in the “Setup” section of the administrative main menu. The Wireless Settings configuration page appears. The channel bonding configuration is just under the SSID field in the Wireless Settings page.

Click the drop-down box next to the “Channel” label to change the channel bonding configuration.

Click the “Apply” button. The configuration is saved.


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