Turn Search Times into Fun Times with NETGEAR Wireless Router Boosters

Slow buffering is such a turn-off especially when you have your favorite sports on, or when your video shows an irritating wheel of dots right before your favorite reality show is going to announce the winner? You find yourself running towards the Wi-Fi router in hope that nothing big has happened in those few seconds. Unfortunately Rooney has scored a goal you missed, and the judge has already crowned someone Miss Universe.

This happens with even the very best of routers which is why NETGEAR has introduced its own range of wireless router boosters/extenders to make even the most dead zones in your house your fun zones. With their latest models, you can now enjoy wireless internet on your mobile devices, media players and PCs without ever losing the signal. When such a reliable connection is provided which features an expanded coverage in all corners of your house, slow browsing recedes to being an old myth.
(If you have wireless router boosters)

If you live in an apartment or a big house that makes the reach of your Wifi signal in distant and cornered places impossible, and Ethernet wired access point is of no use to you, we won’t leave you alone in the hour of need. Browse through our collection of the best wireless router boosters from here, and choose the one which meets your house requirements the best. The extender will connect to your Wi-Fi and can be placed in a location near your existing Wi-Fi and will re-broadcast its own Wi-Fi signal, extending your bubble beyond the router’s array.

NETGEAR holds the honor of introducing the first ever Wifi router. The evolution of this legacy continued as the brand expanded its product range by introducing a fully equipped and functional range of innovative wireless routers and modems to set a benchmark. Today, because of NETGEAR, most smart homes are enjoying wireless internet on multiple derives, who wished for strong and steady Wifi signals earlier. Today the company is equipped to meet all the needs of its consumers and is continuously innovating.

Their newest ranges of wireless router boosters are a connection city. Not only does it provide the ability to extend a Wi-Fi connection, but also features multiple USB, LAN and audio ports to provide its user with the experience of their lives. Plug in a hard drive, a USB or a printer; the user-friendly features are designed to suit all your needs.

There are many models such as EX6200 which also come with an inbuilt LED light, which shows the strength of your connection to your router. This technology facilitates the user to place the extender/booster in a good spot.

Connect all your devices, be it a hard drive full of music and movies, your game console, a movie device or your set-top boxes, with NETGEAR wireless router boosters, sky is the limit!

According to many surveys and reviews, wireless router boosters by NETGEAR are currently the hottest tin the market and are ranked among the top three wireless router boosters for 2016.

Sounds like an easy solution, doesn’t it? If we have you convinced, feel free to browse through our collection today, or give us a call if you need any information. We will be happy to assist.


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