Enjoy Wireless Router Radio with your NETGEAR router/DSL gateway

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is what does enabling a wireless router radio actually mean and how can we enable it on our NETGEAR router/DSL gateway? To answer the following question, we are presenting you a detailed article on how you can enable wireless router radio netgear and what does it really mean.

Now we all know that a wireless radio is a device located inside the router that emits signals. When you turn it on, it means that you have enabled the router to send out a wireless signal. All of NETGEAR wireless routers come with the ease of turning the wireless signal on and off, in case you don’t want to enable the wireless router radio netgear (meaning: you are happy with the wired access).

In order to enable radio on the go using your NETGEAR router / DSL Gateway follow these ten simple steps:

Use an Ethernet cable wired directly to your router; connect it to your laptop or PC.
Secondly, open any web browser that you normally use, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, etc.
Now, in order to access the router web interface, enter http://www.routerlogin.com in the search engine.
In case, the page doesn’t load or takes time, you can use the three alternative solutions which include:


In case, all of these don’t respond, visit the troubleshooting page titled, Why am I receiving a ‘Page cannot be displayed’ error when I try to access my router’s web interface?, to receive further assistance.

Once you are on the page, use the default credentials mentioned below to log in.

Username: admin
Password: password

Note: Keep in mind that the username and password are highly case-sensitive and must not be used anywhere otherwise.

Continue TO: Enable wireless router radio netgear

If however, the login credentials don’t work, you may have changed the password of your router. Use the new password that you set instead. In case you are unable to recall the password you created, you will be asked to perform a factory reset to restore your router settings to default. For further assistance, feel free to contact us, or read the article, Restoring a NETGEAR router to factory default settings, for a DIY solution.

Once you are successfully logged in, you will be able to see the NETGEAR Smart Wizard page.
Click on the Advanced Menu from the side panel. Then, select wireless settings. You will see an option for Enable Wireless Router Radio among several options. Click on the little checkbox next to the text.
Once you have ticked the box, in order to save the changes made, click on the Apply tab. Your Wireless router radio should be enabled.
If you are using a newer model of NETGEAR Wireless routers with a Genie UI, enabling the wireless router radio involves a slightly different process. Click on the Advanced tab from the side menu, select Advanced Setup, and then tick on the Enable Wireless Router Radio Your NETGEAR wireless router radio must be enabled.

Note: If you are using a dual band router, ensure that both the Enable Wireless Router Radio for 5GHz and 2.4GHz boxes are ticked.

Once done, click on the apply tab to save the changed made.

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If you follow all these steps, you should have your wireless router radio tuned on.


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